At Bamco, we want you to be able to speak to a real representative as soon as possible. Each salesperson averages 25 years of experience and can efficiently help you with the following things and more:

  • Just in Time Programs

  • Consignment Programs

  • Belt, hose, and plant surveys

  • Cost-saving analysis

  • Trouble shooting

  • Product recommendations

  • Safety Stock


All Bamco Belting Products installation services are available 24/7/365. Our installation services cover everything from conveyer belt replacement, to installation, to repair.

We pride ourselves in:

  • Knowledgable Technicians

  • We use High Speed Presses to minimize down time

  • Installing both conveyer and transmission belts

  • Field maintenance of existing belts

  • Relacing


Our High-Speed Presses allow us to do fabrications to fit all of your needs.

Some fabrication done in shop include:

  • Lacing

  • Endless

  • Cleating

  • V-Guides

  • Edge capping

  • Perforations

  • Prepared ends


Having top of the line products is only half of the battle. If customers do not properly install and track belts, then it can lead to a plethora of errors and a shorter belt life. This is where our staff comes in. Our knowledgable salespeople and technicians will efficiently teach your maintenance staff how to safely and efficiently operate even the most cutting-edge of systems. In doing this, we guarantee that you will maximize the productivity and life-span of the belts you purchase.

We also offer several YouTube videos on how to do simple maintenance. Check it out below!